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Client Portal Signup

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You’re in a meeting after business hours, and need access to a document from your Rea & Associates advisor. What can you do? If you have set up access through our client portal, you’ll have access to all the tax returns, financial statements, spread sheets or other financial documents you’ve developed with your Rea advisor 24/7.

To get started, fill out the form below. Please add the office you work with or the name of the Rea professional you deal with in the comments box. You’ll then receive an e-mail from Rea, instructing you to choose a username and password, and within a few days, you’ll be ready to use the client portal.

The portal allows you to view and download your financial documents, as well as upload documents for your advisor.

It works best if you have Internet Explorer version 7.0 or higher and a Microsoft windows-based PC operating Windows XP or newer. Once you have been set up on the portal, you can access your financial information on Rea’s website by clicking on “client portal.”